• DraftKings is an online gambling platform (founded in 2011).
  • Business-to-Consumer: DraftKings (DK) provides users with daily fantasy sports, sports betting, and an online casino (this makes up about 96% of their annual revenue).
  • Business-to-Business: The company also designs, develops, and licenses sports betting/casino gaming softwares for…

What’s Lemonade?

  • “Harness technology and social impact to be the world’s most loved insurance company”
  • A new way to get Insurance
  • Instant pricing, Instant claims, everything online, and super modern
  • They offer renters…

How does Investing in stocks work?

  • The stock market is a way for individuals to ‘invest’ in a company
  • When you invest in a company, you own a percentage of that company
  • Just like the person who started that company, you now own a percentage of the…

What’s Shift?

  • Buys and sells used cars
  • CEO: George Arison (built the ‘first uber’ as TaxiMagic (now Curb))
  • Mission is to make “car purchase and ownership simple — to make buying or selling a used car fun, fair, and accessible…

  • Founded in 2003 and had the U.S. intelligence committee as their first client for use in counterterrorist operations.. Has since expanded into other sectors including energy, transportation, financial services, and healthcare
  • They build software for large institutions and the government
  • Plalantir’s platform empowers users, whether they are…
a legend.

What is Options Trading?

What’s Rocket Lab?

  • Private space company
  • ~500 employees (Compared to spaceX: ~8,000)
  • 97 satellites launched
  • Electron is the latest rocket with the focus of launching small satellites to orbit
  • Second most frequent launches in the U.S.
  • Fourth most frequent launches in the world
Ethereum ‘coin’

What the heck is Blockchain?

  • Ethereum is based on blockchain technology
  • Blockchain is a secure way to store data that requires ‘absolute consensus’
  • For people that know how to code: Blockchain a data structure that utilizes linked-list-like objects to store a hash…
Elon and Doge on Mars :D


  • #1 in Affordable and Luxury EV vehicles
  • Leader in autonomous vehicles
  • Top battery manufacturer
  • Solar Technology
  • Amazing CEO


  • Model 3 / Model Y (delivered ~500,000 in 2020)
  • Model S / Y (delivered ~60,000 in 2020)
Lucid Air
  • Lucid Motors is positioning itself as a…

Dilli Invest

Best Analysis. Ever.

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